Senate Republicans focus on jobs in fall agenda

LANSING –-Legislation to help crack down on mortgage fraud and punish offenders was highlighted as part of the Senate Republican fall agenda unveiled Wednesday, said Sen. Darwin Booher, lead sponsor of the mortgage reform package.

“During my four decades as a banker in the private sector, I saw firsthand the hope and excitement of families attempting to achieve the dream of homeownership. When a family is victimized by mortgage fraud the entire community and all taxpayers are impacted,” said Booher, R-Evart. “The Senate-passed reforms will help put an end to individuals taking advantage of the American dream for personal gain by giving law enforcement the tools needed to investigate fraud, prosecute offenders and punish them appropriately.”

The nine-bill package is currently pending in the Michigan House and would create a crime for mortgage fraud and make it a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

The Senate Republican agenda has four goals: spurring job creation, strengthening education, protecting the rights of citizens and continuing government reform.

Key goals include reforming the state’s personal property tax which discourages business investment and expansion, as well as legislation to streamline the regulatory process to cut through bureaucratic red tape, and rebuilding Michigan’s roads and bridges in order to improve access to all areas in the state.

“Jobs have always been my primary focus,” Booher said. “To help energize our economy and create jobs, Senate Republicans have already made substantial reforms to improve our business climate and attract new investment and job growth. I look forward to knocking down barriers to economic growth, streamlining government, improving education and protecting the most vulnerable among us.”

The Senate also plans to make government more accountable, clarify the medical marijuana law, pass legislation to protect seniors, reform insurance, and end lifetime benefits for legislators. Senate lawmakers have already approved Booher’s legislation to restore the American dream, and the Senate today passed Senate Bills 160 and 161 to ban partial birth abortions.

Editor’s Note: A photograph of Booher with his Senate Republican colleagues at the announcement is available on the senator’s photowire at:

Senate Republican 2011 Fall Agenda

Spur Job Growth

  • Reform Personal Property Tax
  • Cut Through the Red Tape for Business Growth
  • Rebuild Our Roads and Bridges

Strengthen Education

  • Increase Education Options
  • Empower Parents

Protect the Rights of Citizens

  • Clarify Medical Marijuana
  • Ban Partial Birth Abortion
  • Senior Protection
  • Restore the American Dream

Continue Government Reforms

  • Make Government More Accountable
  • Insurance Reform
  • End Lifetime Benefits for Lawmakers