Rendon, Booher announce road grant

LANSING – The Roscommon County Road Commission will receive a $375,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation for work on CR400 in Roscommon and Denton townships.

The construction project will cover from Loxley Road to Townline Road on the stretch of highway also known as Emery Road.

“It’s important to maintain our northern Michigan roads where frequent weather changes impact the quality and lifetime of the surfaces so drastically,” said Rep. Bruce Rendon, R-Lake City. “As someone who daily travels across our region to meet people and attend local events, I can attest to the priority we must place on ensuring our roads are in top shape so people can get safely to work or play, and for goods to move efficiently and on time to market or for processing.”

MDOT’s Category F grants are made to eligible road agencies to preserve or expand all-season road networks, which are more costly to build due to a deeper base foundation and thicker pavement layer to limit frost heaving and weight restrictions.

Sen. Darwin Booher said the competitive nature of this grant shows that local communities are coming up with effective plans for maintaining local roads.

“I am proud that the Roscommon County Road Commission put forth a proactive plan and has been awarded a Transportation Economic Development Fund grant,” said Booher, R-Evart.

Rendon can be contacted by addressing letters to the State Capitol, Lansing, MI 48909-7514; calling his toll-free Lansing office number at 1-888-DIST-103 (1-888-347-8103); sending email to or visiting his online office website at

Residents may contact Booher toll-free at 1-866-305-2135, by visiting his website at or via email at: Letters may also be mailed to Booher at: Sen. Darwin Booher; P.O. Box 30036; Lansing, MI 48909.