Booher reacts to State of the the 2012 State address

LANSING―State Sen. Darwin Booher, R-Evart, issued the following statement Wednesday after Gov. Rick Snyder delivered his State of the State address:

“Unemployment is coming down and jobs are being created, so the governor was right to be proud of what we’ve achieved. But a lot remains to be done.

“We are all looking at the future and are working to make it a bright and rewarding one for all Michigan families. That requires us to build upon our accomplishments of creating jobs, balancing budgets and reducing long-term debts.

“A top priority is completing the budget early – as we did last year – because it allows everyone to make informed decisions based on known funding levels. The numbers are still tight and we owe it to future generations to pay down the state’s debt.

“Improving government efficiency and effectiveness at all levels is also important. I believe promoting ‘best practices’ is helpful in achieving this goal. Good government and good service are important to all Michigan residents. If you give people a reason to improve, they will.

“I believe the attitude in Michigan has improved. I see it every day in my district. It is a positive attitude that things are getting better and that everyone can be a part of that change. That outlook on Michigan is vital for job creation and economic growth. I am enthusiastic about Michigan’s future, and I will continue working to guide Michigan along the path to prosperity.”


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