Booher bill to help ensure fair elections vetoed

Booher: ‘It is a common-sense solution to the problem of noncitizens voting’

LANSING—State Sen. Darwin Booher, R-Evart, issued the following statement Tuesday after Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed Senate Bill 803, Booher’s measure to help ensure fairness and accountability in elections:

“On the eve of the Fourth of July, when we celebrate the land of the free—where people from afar can make a home and enjoy democratic elections—I am disappointed the governor did not sign this simple and straightforward bill that would have made Michigan’s elections process more secure and just for all residents.

“All that my measure required was for registered voters to answer whether they are U.S. citizens before being allowed to vote. It is a common-sense solution that corrects the problem of noncitizens voting.

“This problem not only threatens the democratic process, but it also could lead to penalties, including deportation, for noncitizens who end up accidentally voting in an election.

“Governor Snyder has missed an opportunity today to protect the integrity of our elections process. This reform idea enjoyed bipartisan support in the Legislature, and a majority of senators cosponsored my bill.

“Because of the critical nature of our elections, I will be talking to my colleagues and evaluating our next steps as we work to ensure fair elections in Michigan.

“I look forward to better understanding the governor’s viewpoint on this matter and potentially making future changes to the law. I remain committed to the aim of my legislation and making sure Michigan is a leader in the electoral process.”